Sunday January 1, 2012

Roller-coaster week.

3:30 P.M. Sunday January 1, 2012

Welcome to Kingston Snows!!

Happy New Year.

It is the first day of January, and as I update, the current temperature is 50 degrees in Kingston, and 53 degrees in Poughkeepsie…. not a cloud in the sky.

The most significant weather aspect of the week will be the temperatures. High's will hover around 40 degrees today and tomorrow. Tomorrow afternoon, however, an arctic cold front will sweep across the eastern United States. The result will be high's only making it into the mid-upper 20's on Tuesday and Wednesday. Low's will fall into the lower teens. By Thursday, however, temperatures will have moderated back up near 40 degrees. Temperatures may even push the upper 40's by next weekend.

Precipitation-wise, it should remain quite dry during this time frame. After a few possible rain showers later tonight, the only other shot at precipitation worth mentioning may be some snow flurries Monday night.


The normal high temperature this time of year is about 35 degrees.
The average low is around 16 degrees.

In January 2007:

7 days saw temperatures break 50 degrees
2 days saw temperatures break 60 degrees
On the 6th, Poughkeepsie peaked at 70 degrees
total frozen precipitation for the month was 0.9 inches

That winter went on to feature an 11 inch snowfall in mid-February, and a 16 inch snowfall in mid-March. Total snowfall that winter was 38 inches. Link: Recent seasonal snowfall totals.

Next Update:
Wednesday Evening.

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