Hurricane Ike was the strongest hurricane of the 2008 Atlantic hurricane season. The storm took a westward track across the island of Cuba, across the Gulf of Mexico and into the state of Texas near Galviston Island. As a catagory 2 hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico Ike's total size and power was greater than that of hurricane Katrina's, the storms actual strength, however, never matched that of Katrina. *At $31.5 billion Ike is now the 3rd most coslty hurricane in U.S. History, only behind Hurricanes Katrina and Andrew- thanks mainly to its imense size.

Stats on Ike

Formed September 1 2008
Dissipated September 14 2008
Maximum winds 145
Minimum pressure 935
Deaths 143
Cost $31.5 billion*
Areas effected Bahamas, Hispanola, Cuba, Florida, Lousiana, Mississippi, Texas, Mississippi Valley, Ohio Valley

ike at his peak mph strength
Ike from the international Space Station
Ike in the Gulf of Mexico. The only costline visible is part of the southern Texas coast.

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