Here S My Thing

Wed Jan 12, 2011

Here’s my thing..

Yes, bad stuff is happening all over the place… i’m talking floods in Australia and earthquakes in haiti and that sort of stuff….

and i think that it’s great that people are willing to feel sympathetic, and give help, and bring awareness, but the truth is that it happens all the time. I follow geoloical events as a hobby and I can honestly say that at any given time on any given day there is some town in some country that could desperately use donations and international aid. And to be clear I do support everyone and anyone who is willing and able to show some sort of sympathy/aid. What I do not, and have never been a fan of, however, is the fact that what ever the majority of the people are contributing to is directlly controlled by and proportionate to the media coverage. Even though it logically makes perfect sense. The news covers haiti.. we donate to haiti, the news covers australia.. we donate to australia. But 8 out of 10 times the news covers just that- news. Whatever is going to get the biggest reaction from people.. and what is accessible to them. A massive flood.. show pictures of submerged houses. A ravaging earthquake.. show pictures of demolished buildings. At the same time half of russia drys up… well how long are people going to want to look at pictures of a dried lake bed? Or an earthquake in the middle of the Argentine mountains… how easy is it to get up to date pictures from remote villages? And it’s not just an international thing. Go back to katrina. True- Katrina was the worst natural desaster in the US, but how many times do you really need to hear the words New Orleans? Sure it filled up. But compared to Mississippi where the actual destruction occoured, how much coverage did the two recieve?

Again, I’m all for support this support that, and realize that people have to pick and choose. But too frequently the people’s sympathies are too connected to the media’s convenience. Also, a developed nation will rebound whether or not it recieves the support of the average citizen, and it will rebound quickly. Developing nations that experience massive geological set backs usually don’t have quite that luxery.

Oh and one last thing.. Why must people repost something in order for you to give??? 5 cents.. 10 cents.. for every reblog. I mean, from the point of trying to raise awareness.. ok.. maybe… but if you’re serious then why are you waiting for them to join your bandwagon- if you have it and you’re willing to give it, then send it. If you’re looking for followers.. bomb on homophobics.

k. bye.

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