Factoids Of Life

The factoids of life

Notice how its "Factiods" of life and not "Facts" of life? Well, thats for a very good reason. The reason is this "Facts" are big things that can rearange and fry your life and flip your world like the Titanic, "Factoids" are little things that can put a U-turn in your life and throw you off like a blow out on the highway.

Fact: If you start taking swings at the police man who just wants to wish you a good morning you will go to jail.
Factoid: If you start taking swings at the bumble bee, who is just admiring your yellow shirt, because you are severly allergic you will not go to jail.

got it?
Fact: A duck is a bird
Factoid: A lame duck is still a duck, even when it is a fly

Fact: Changing the way you appear in public can totally alter the way that people think of you. Just take it from Joey in Friends
Factoid: The next time you try your new cool walk and walk into a spider web and do that rediculous "swat-the-air-infront-of-your-face" move just remember that you are the only one who knows that the spider web exists.

Fact: All life on earth came from somewhere and is here for a reason. Fireflies may be the amoung the most special creatures on earth and are a joy to catch.
Factoid: Fireflies are often accompanied by their friend the mosquito… think about that on those sleeveless summer nights…

Fact: There are over three BILLION fish in the ocean
Factoid: Nemo is a cartoon

Fact: There are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on all the beaches in the world combined
Factoid: Sand is not a star, but the electrons inside are. Stars are not sand, but the particals outside are

Fact: A horses eye is the same size at birth as it is when it is an adult.
Factoid: Horses can't see through walls

Fact: Scientists believe in the BIG BANG
Factiod: If the great bang theory is true the universe will continue to expand, but it will begin to slow as it reaches its peak size. Once at its peak size it will begint to cool and contract to slightly larger than its pre-big bang size, then after a period of time it will begin to expand again, but at a slower rate then the first time(which we are in now) and it will be slightly larger, but less dense at the peak of the second expantion. it will then shrink again, but this tim it will not be as small as the prior shrinks and after the last shrink it will A) stabalize and remain like that 40% B) Shrivel and be come inhabbitable anywhere 40% C) something else20%

Fact: Fish are friends, not food
Factoid: Fish are the TRUE dominent species

Fact: Mice eat food
Factoid: If you give a mouse a cookie, he will most definetly want a glass of milk

Fact:Earth is a rock
Factoid: Rochester, NY, USA, has the most unstable bedrock in the eastern US.

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