The good ol' Summer of 2008 is finally officially comming to an end. This summer has been one for the record books.

  • In the sports world the 2008 Bejing Summer olympics dominated the summer and you know who lead the way for team U.S.A- yup, Michael Phelps.
  • The Arctic saw its second greatest loss of ice in recorded history and for the second time in two straight years the fabled Northwest Passage opened up. It was the first time that ice on both sides of the Arctic melted, making it possible for the icy continent-wanna be to be completely circumnavigated. This summer was, globally, the ninth warmest on record.

The summer officiall ends at 11:44 AM EDT on Monday September 22.

ByeBye summer…Hello Autumn. Then soon Autumn will end….and Winter will begin. Then winter will end….and spring will begin. Then spring will end…and summer will begin.

And the wheels on the bus go round, and round, round, and round, round, and round
And the wheels on the bus go round, and round, All through the town…

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