Tropical Storm Edouard

Edouard was the 5 tropical storm of the 2008 Atlantic hurricane season. The storm formed from an area of of low pressure that orriginated with a stalled trough over the northern gulf of mexico. Advisories were first issued for tropical depression 5 at 5pm on August 3, the depression was upgraded to tropical storm Arthur an hour later. A tropical storm warning was initially issued from the mouth of the missisippi river westward to Intercoastal City, Louisiana with a tropical storm watch to Port O'connor, Texas. Later that night the tropical storm watch area was upgraded to a hurricane watch. The tropical storm warning was extended westward to San Louis Pass, Texas the following morning. The storm had some difficulty organizind despite warm waters and low wind shear and as a result it remained a weak tropical storm Throughout August 4. Very late on the fourth and into the morning of the 5th the storm became better organized and began intensifying. Edouard reached a peak intensity of 65mph early on the 5 as it made landfall in the Texas McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge at 8am. The storm dropped to tropical depression strength at 5pm and the NHC ceased advisories. Edouard continued moving inward as his winds quickly died down. The storm however brought up to 7 inches of rain, which was infact good news for drought parched texas.

Stats on Edouard

Formed July 3, 2008
Dissipated Active
Maximum winds 65
Minimum pressure 997
Deaths 1
Cost ?
Areas affected Texas and Louisiana

Expected Effects

Rains 10 inches lightmq0.png Surge 2-4 feet icon_greenlight.gif Flooding moderate lightmq0.png
Tornado low icon_greenlight.gif Wind low icon_greenlight.gif Evacuations low icon_greenlight.gif


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