Dolly was a catagory 2 hurricane that tracked from the north western caribbean to texas. Dolly formed from a tropical wave on 20. Upon becoming a tropical storm at 11:45am a tropical storm warning was immediately issued for the yucatan peninsula from the Mexico/Belieze border to Campeche. A tropical storm watch was also issued for Belieze north of Belieze city. Dolly slowly strengthened to a moderate 50mph storm before making her first landfall north of columel island on the 21st. Once over the waters of the gulf of mexico Dolly was able to restart strengthening and by 5pm on july 22 Dolly had become a hurricane- the second of the season. The storm continued to track to the northwest, a track that would bring her near the Texas/Mexico border, tropical storm and hurricane warnings had been up since the 21st. As Dolly neared the coast she put on a rather impressive round of intensification. As she strengthened to a catagory 2 storm with 100mph winds by 11am on July 23 Dolly made landfall later that afternoon on South Padre Island, just north of the mexican border. Once inland Dolly turned more westerly and by late that nigh she had weakened to a tropical storm. Dolly weakened to a tropical depression at 5pm on july 24 and then National hurricane centered discontinued advisories on the storm.. While much of the Damage from Dolly was associated with her winds, the storm dumped 15 to 20 inches of rain in southern texas and extreme northern mexico, with some isolated amounts of up to 25 inches. These rains helped to end an extreme drought in the southern tip of the state and ease conditions a little further north.

Stats on Dolly

Formed July 20, 2008
Status Active
Maximum winds 100 mph
Minimum pressure 964 mb
Deaths 17
Cost 2.4 billion
Areas affected Belieze, Guatemala, Yucatan peninnsula, northern Mexico, Texas


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