Tropical storm Cristobal was the 3rd storm of the 2008 Atlantic hurricane season. Tropical depression three, the pre- Cristobal, formed late 18 just off of the georgia coast. The storm took a slow general northeastward motion for the next few hours before being upgraded to tropical storm Cristobal at 2pm on july 19. Cristobal continued on a northeast track at about 7 mph for the next 24 hours without much in the way of intensification. Finally after 2 days of paralleling the southeastern coast Cristobal began to pull away from the North carolina coast late on july 20. Cristobal strengthened to a peak of 65 mph on the 21st as she began to excelerate out to sea. Cristobal began to become extra tropical on the 22 as she excelerated even more to a foward speed of 35mph and her winds weakened. Cristobal became fully extratropical at 5am on the 23 as her circulation became caught up in the westerlies.

Stats on Cristobal

Formed July 18, 2008
dissipated july 23, 2008
Maximum winds 65
Minimum pressure 1000
Deaths 0
Cost 0
Areas affected Georgia, South & North carolina

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