Handcrafted Chicken Centerpieces

Even the best of us (meaning, of course, the staff of RetroFires, Inc.) sometimes find ourselves staring helplessly at our dining room tables. You know the drill…your table looks boring. It's missing that certain something - and who can ever say what that something is? Your busy lifestyle doesn't allow for the intense search that finding it will entail, so you resign yourself to pretending your table looks interesting. There's nothing else to be done…until now! Brand new from RetroFires, Inc., this Chicken Centerpiece is a striking new product handcrafted by our best artists. It's so unique that soon all of your friends will have one too!

Contact RetroFires, Inc. at magsmags or eburwelleburwell to order a hen for your table…only $49.95!(+$5.99 S&H)

Comes as exactly as shown, minus placemats, coasters, tablecloth, glasses, silverware, plates, napkin rings, and napkins.
The pinecones are included for a small fee due at checkout (only $19.99!)!

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