August 3

On this date in 2008 a spectacular rainbow was observer over kingston, ny about 2 hours before sunset. The rainbow lasted a good ten minutes before subsiding.

Tropical depression 5 formed at 5pm on August 3, 2008 in the northern gulf of mexico. The depression was upgraded to tropical storm Edouard an hour later, forcing advisories to be issued for louisiana and texas. The 5th storm of the 2008 atlantic hurricane season strengthened to 50 mph later that day as it inched closer to texas while paralleling the coast.

The United States was treated to a magnificent aurora borealis on August 3, 1882. The aurora was visible from Oregon to Maine, and down to Florida. Citizens in Louisville, Ken. reported seeing "merry dancers" throughout the sky, while Saint Vincent, Minn. observed its most brilliant aurora ever.

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