A Wingged Cat

i've thought about it and i decided that if i take global: i'd know everything about planet earth's history, therefore i'd know everything about egypt. i'll compete in global contests hosted by Alex Trebek where i'll advance to the international level. then on on june 29, 2008 i'll travel to the world competition in Ciro where i'll vacation for the summer at 312 Tutenkomen avenue. i'll join a tourist group that is scheduled to visit the emperor's palace oat 3:15pm on july 7th. the emperor's grandson who will be turning 6 in september will be just getting home from school. july 7th is the last day of school over there so he'll no doubtly be happy to get home. he'll run a head of his mom when they get to the corner and run in to the road. i'll be strategically positioned based on the sun's position in the global sky. and at the last second il'll jump out knocking the boy safely out of the road. the emperor's daughter will be so greatful that she'll invite me to the palace and the emperor will insistt that i stay there for the summer. then he'll grant me anything that i want because i saved the hier to the throne. i'll ask him for a plot of land that i've already picked out because it's sitting on top of a diamond field that no one else know;'s about . that will be worth twice of much in 20 years when the world runs out of diamonds. word of my heroic act will reach back to the states. because the egypt and the US will then be the closest allies in the word they too will wish to reward mee. i'll request to beciome an astronout. i'll become famous while setting records as the first space cat and first anything to fly to pluto. il'll become so famous that i'll then be invited to lame talk shows. i'll make somany appearences that i'll start to become the only thing on every channel. i'll be on the air so much that the talk show people will just give me the tv stations because they dont air anything else. and then when i've siezed all of the world's mass media i'll be able to controll everyone on little planet earth and rise to power as the first world ruler, plus i'll own pluto because i was the first to reach it.

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