Snow Event: March 19, 2013
Tuesday March 19 2012 No School 5.2" 1.5" Snow S@7p Mon, up to 5" by 230a. dry slot developed by 3am changing over to light freezing rain. about a half inch of ice pellets on top of snow… roads that were plowed before 4a gathered about a quarter inch of ice pellets leading to widespread slush on poorly plowed roads. 4.5" measured at 5am, some indication of compression. light freezing drizzle, mixing with liquid drizzle continued through 615. complete lull between 630 and 715. then light mist/mist pellets. roads mainly slushy/wet by 9am. final band moved through between 10a and 1230.. coating of freezing rain, then heavy snow as intensity increased. an additional 1.25" on plowed walkways during this time… band largely underestimated by all, and forecast to fall as a mix with little additional accumulation… intensified as it moved through NY. Back to liquid drizzle at 1230, and through early afternoon. Dynamics: low over Lake Michigan, secondary low developing south of long island Tue morning. precipitation mainly associate with outflow from main low. Cancellation based on the before dawn accumulations, and freezing drizzle after 3am. | Pk Temps: 3/8 Hi 37, 8p-1a 28-30, 32@5a, 6a-1p 33-34, 2p-4p 35, 3/19 Hi 37 6p-7p. Temp fell when precipitation was falling, and rose during drier slots. (5.2" is based on a blend of projected snowfall compression rates and late morning snow burst, yielding total between 5.0 and 5.4")

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Saturday March 16, 2013 +
Monday March 18, 2013 + 10D 40C
Monday March 18, 2013 + U 10D 40C
Monday March 18, 2013 + U 30D 60C
Tuesday March 19, 2013 + U Sn




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