Snow Event: December 29, 2012
Day Date Year Closings Amount Road Amount Type Note
Saturday December 29 2012 xxx 4.3" 4.0" Sn S@1050a, E@10p. Steady sn throughout day. 980(?)mb OhValley low= moisture surge, 2edary low S boston= sNE(CT-ME) WS!, too far east 4NY. Light fluffy sn. Compacted on side roads side roads mess thru Sun AM. Temps: U20's, Max30. If school: 30C 40D, following AM: 20-30D WWA 3-6" 10a-4a. Frcst: 3" btw 11a-2a

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A storm system moving through the Northeast this weekend is expected to bring widespread snowfall to the region. Most areas can expect snowfall of 2 to 4 inches, with heavier amounts expected across Southeast New England as a secondary storm system off the coast will briefly enhance snowfall, with up to 7 to 9 inches possible in some locations.

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