Snow Event: December 25, 2012
Day Date Year Closings Amount Road Amount Type Note
Tuesday December 25 2012 xxx 0.75" 0.3" Sn S@1130p, E@7a. Band of Sn moved NE from Ohio/Mid atlantic states. Band broke in half around MHV- half to LI/CT/RI/MA, half to wNY/VT. Radar from Nrthern stream barely grazed Ulster county. Radar barely supported any MHV Sn. Wet snow w/ slghtly >0.25" on drive, backroads slick, main wet. All start to clear aft 730. Temp 31, 32@7a. Would have been 70D 10C. First Christmas snow since 2002.| | Fr'cst(6p): 78% 1-2" 9p-8a. Chc Fr 3-8a. Temp 26-29. WWA Ulster/Dutch/Litch (Upton/PA/CT) issued@430p 12/24 thru 6a 12/25. Less than impressive pre-radar. If school: (6p) 40D 30C. Fr'cst(9p): <1" Sn/Fr 30D 10C… contingent on actual Sn development.

Saturday December 22, 2012 +
Monday December 24, 2012 + Sn
December 24, 2012 5p Forecast Discussion
Winter Weather Advisory

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