February 16, 2012 Forecast Evaluation

Forecast Evaluation for snow event: February 26, 2012
Time of evaluation: 1:40pm Thursday March 01, 2012
10PM Forecast Probabilities for February 29, 2012: 10%D, 0%C, 0% ED
Outcome: No Cancellations
Storm type: http://glenallenweather.com/links/stormtypes.htm
Forecast rating (1-5): 5 (Excellent)
Forecast handling (1-5): 5 (Excellent)

-insert technical overview of the system&storm type-
Overall, an excellent forecast for a trivial storm. Forecast made good use of straight line projection based on radar returns. Forecast was committed, but not restrictive, in radar times- - allowed for residual time period. Relaxed and controlled discussion nature. Based on forecast, good usage of probabilities to express the likely outcome.

Overall storm handling: 5 (Excellent)

1: Poor
2: Mediocre
3: Fair
4: Good
5: Excellent

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