February 26

Close Call Tonight Updated
5:00 P.M. Friday February 25, 2010

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Forecast for: Friday February 26, 2010

A Two Hour Delay
No School
An Early Dismissal


…for the Kingston City School District. Kingston, NY, USA. 12401. School Closings within 50 miles

Here's the way i see it.

Its a rather wacky storm track… the freezing line is really tempermental with respect to elevation, plus the storms position is pushing warm air in to the northern parts of the region, so the Albany region has been seeing mainly rain. While the storm center is whipping around cold air from the west and sending it in to NYC and lower portions of the state… with us being right on the boundry.

The result is that you get a foot of snow in the city, rain in albany, 4 feet in the catskills, 2 feet in Rifton and Woodstock, and Kingston has picked up 9.75 inches but it keeps melting so there was never more than 6 or 7 inches on the ground.

Kingston should stay rain until 4am, before turning over to a snow/freezing rain mix. But that should only last till about 9am or so, before we turn back over to rain. An inch or two during this time?

They have Woodstock(northern extent of the district) as a rain/snow mix through out all of friday. However, Woodstock, or at least portions of it, have been holding their own all week; especially across the higher terrain. so parts may see 1-3 inches. between 4am and 9am.

Bloomington(southern extent). Rain/snow. 1-2 maybe
With that being the forecast, we have a few things going for us… and some not

The thing we have most going for us is that Eastern Ulster has a winter storm warning in effect until 7am Saturday. Now if the roads are clear and they’re calling for rain all day then, they probably wont care about it. But it should be enough to make them think twice.

The other thing we have going for us is that there are still atleast 5,000 people with out power in the district, granted that they’ll be working on that all night, and that it really only matters if the schools have power or not, but still it comes into play.

The third thing that we have going for us is that parts of woodstock have done a really good job of accumulating snow when the rest of us have been rain. There’s fairly credible reports that they’ve picked up nearly a foot and a half. Weather or not they will be able to hold their own tonight remains to be seen.

Aside from the forecast the main thing going aginst us is that the roads will be very wet. That means that the wet snowflakes will probably have a hard time accumulating especially with the relatively small window of time the snow is forecast to fall tomorrow morning with temperatures barely getting to freezing. The only thing we can do with this is hope that woodstock can bail us out, and maybe some of the extreme southern zones of the district, down towards Rosendale.

Its going to be a close call between a delay and a cancellation. There is also an outside chance that if the roads remain too wet across the whole district that we could see normal classes, though i feel inclined to expect at least a delay.

Its gonna be a close one.


Today's cancellation marks the 6th "snow day" of the season for Kingston. Kingston's planned snow days have been all used up. Any additional snow days will be taken from the week long spring break, beginning with March 29th.

With three snow days, this is the longest stretch of weather days off since probably Hurricane Floyd in September 1999 or the Blizzard of 1996

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