6p Thursday Dec 3

Tuesday Night. A system moves from the Ohio Valley to the St. Lawrence Valley overnight. It should be cold enough for it to sperad some frozen precipitation over most of our region late Tuesday night, however, since the storm will be passing to our west it seems likely that it will be able to draw in enough warm air to change things over to rain, for the Hudson Valley at least, go figure… Anyway, the timing of this change over looks to be around 8am, I'd say. There's a slight chance that there may be enough snow sticking on the ground to delay school. Just as a refrence, the Kingston City School District has operated on a 2 hour delay from anywheres of 0.5 to 2 inches of new snow.

Some of the modles have been hinting at a secondary low forming just off the coast Tuesday night into Wednesday, which if it does, it may be able to pinch off any warm air trying to creep north. There is also the chance that we could see some light freezing rain- though this scenario would likely result in a normal school day. But this storm is still 6 days away, That's why I've gone with a 5% chance for now.

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