Monday 5p Dec 7

Tuesday Night. A significant storm is tracking out of the southwestern US and into the Great Plains. This Storm will begin to impact us late Tuesday night.

Snow should break out around 3am on Wednesday and last until about 8 or 9 am before it begins to change over to rain. During this time period the Kingston area will likely recieve 1 to 2 inches of snow. Expect rain to continue throughout the day once the change over occours. The main question seems to be "how much snow will stick to the roadway?"The system that Impacted us Saturday Night brought about inch to the Kingston area, however, the roads were able to stay fairly clean.

Snow on Wednesday morning looks to be a wet snow, similar to Saturdays', as temperatures remain only a few degrees below freezing throughout the overnight period. This should limit the amount of snow build up on the roadways, however, there is the chance that we could recieve a brief burst of heavier snow in the initial band that moves through.

Wednesday Night into Thursday, the rain moves out leaving breezy conditions for Thursday with some sun. It will begin to turn colder.

Have decided to up it to a 20% chance of a delay for now. I will update this Tueday afternoon as things fall into place.

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