Snow changed over to a mix around 11:30 today and rain around 2. The roads around the city were looking really bad around 5pm as the drizzle created nothing but a sheet of ice on packed road ways. A batch of heavier rain moved through around 6pm. The rain came down at a rate that prevented it from freezing on contact and as a result the roads are less ice coated. Although the roads are not sheets of ice they are very slick, secondary roads in particular. The snow/ice/slush on the roads which saw a moderate amount of trafic, but not enough to keep them clear, has been compacted into a layer of slippery "stuff" which can not be plowed . I do expect a delay tomorrow- but am not really expecting them to cancel schools- especially with the testing at the high school. I also expect the winter storm Warning to be dropped by 12am.

We recieved about 5.75 inches of snow and about 0.5 inches of ice today

*WS!was dropped@11pmish

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