9p Jan 13

Cold. Snow showers developing after midnight with snow through 1 pm. Two inches possible by 1pm. High 21. Morning low of 6. Windchill as low as -8. Windchill barely getting above 6

A second system will arrive on Thursday. This system looks to be lacking in the moisture department and tracking to our south anyway, but we could still see and inch or two. Right now, as far as school goes, there will probally be school on Thursday- due to storm timing. Snow Snowers are possible after midnight Thursday, becoming more consistant around 7am. Two inches are possible between 7am and 1pm. I have give a 30% chance of a cancellation because there is the potential for some light accumulation by 6am. A decent coating of snow on the roads by 6am along with current morning forecasts could possibly prompt a cancellation. -As for other districts, the further south, the more snow.

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